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Market Demand

Black Reign is the incredibly powerful and correct young bull we've produced to meet the ever-increasing demand for an outcross that can be used on any known black line of cattle. Many of the breeders of black Beefmaster cattle have been looking for a good bull to put back on their black Black Magic daughters and granddaughters. When you look around, the black sire selection is filled with Black Magic sons... but you can't use them on Black Magic daughters. What you need is Black Reign, the incredible heterozygous black bull out of Cavalier and Black Diamond (see pedigree).

Regardless of breed, the cattle industry has historically favored black hides in the U.S. market place. Due to the influence of the Angus breed or other variables, this has been a fact. I have dealt with various breeds of beef and dairy cattle, but I have not found a better breed of cattle than the Beefmaster. Since the merge of BBU and FBA, which brought about a substantial change (improvement) in the breed phenotype, the single greatest impediment to the sale of superior Beefmaster cattle has (in my opinion) been the lack of black hided cattle. I believe that some of the finest cattle this breed has ever known were red or paint, but I also believe that when looking at national averages, there are times when superior Beefmaster cattle would have sold with an even greater profit margin if they had been available in black. If you have red cattle and want to include black, Black Reign and Achilles are the bulls you need. They will provide you with black calves and exclusive breeding. Based on his DNA color coding of Heterozygous Black (EDe), Black Reign will produce black calves 50% of the time. Furthermore, geneticists declare that 50% of those calves will be HOMOZYGOUS black. So, if you want proven, superior genetics while including black as well as red hides, then Black Reign and Achilles are what you need.



Black Reign is an own son of Cavalier** (Spartacus** x Madera 1-5/5**), and Black Diamond, the incredible black donor, providing this young herd sire with exceptional conformation, performance, pedigree. Black Diamond, dam of Black Reign, is a Black Magic daughter out of Diamond Rio (Cherokee Phantom** x Miss JF 9006 ) over Levi*** x Miss Lee** (Ranger's Pride*** x 6/2**).

Included in this very stout pedigree are three of the most breed impacting sires the Beefmaster breed has ever known: Black Magic, Cavalier**, and Cherokee Phantom**. Additionally, Miss JF9006 is the dam of the incredible herd sire known as Mr. Coffee (owned by Cotton & Davis). Finally, you have two of the foundation bulls for the breed (Levi*** & Ranger's Pride***) along with the legendary donor 6/2** and equally impressive, her daughter the incredible Miss Lee** cow. What more can you ask from a pedigree? What more can you attain in proven performance and production? Nothing else is needed.


Semen Offering

Black Reign semen is currently priced at $50 per unit. Fuel your program with Black Reign!

Beefmaster cattle are bred for the six essentials and though Black Reign offers a special bonus that will enhance your profit margin and provide diversification in your herd (black calves), he still offers the same six essentials that have made this breed great: Milk Production, Fertility, Weight, Conformation, Hardiness, and Disposition. Don't miss this chance to purchase semen from Black Reign and save money. Get it now and start out your New Year right!


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Black Reign is jointly owned by Tim Couch Beefmasters, Scott Chaix Beefmasters, and V6 Ranch.